Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bat Belfrys

We are SO EXCITED that the Florida Bat Conservancy is visiting us on Thursday, June 19th at 2:00 and bringing bats to the library! Come on out and learn more about these fascinating, nocturnal creatures! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anancy Festival June 14th!

Make sure to come to our Summer Reading Kickoff Party and celebrate Caribbean-American Heritage month! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

7 Inspiring Earth Day Books

This Earth Day, stay on topic with wonderful books about nature, conservation, endangered animals and weather.
Family reading
This Earth Day, get the little ones in on the action. Grab one of these inspiring Earth Day books, settle in with your kids to read them, and watch their curiosity take flight!
Pop-up book appeal plus field guide knowledge makes this title a winner with kids and parents alike.Endangered Animals explores a variety of species from polar bears to black rhinos with cool facts and easy-to-understand narrative about how each species got to the brink of extinction.

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Little Pear Tree 
By Rachel Williams; illustrated by Jenny Bowers
Mod illustrations and bright colors work in tandem to tell the story of changing seasons and the journey of a pear tree from seed to full-grown. Pop-up features will appeal to the younger set, and the story is an excellent tool for explaining the four seasons.
Peppa and friends, the beloved crew from Nick Jr., plant a beautiful garden full of all sorts of healthy eats. But when it comes time to harvest the bounty, Peppa and friends aren’t so sure about eating such healthy choices. This is an ideal pick for teaching little ones that the earth provides the healthiest options on their plate.
Turtle Island
By Kevin Sherry
A giant sea turtle searches for a home as well as some friends to turn the high seas into the friendly seas. Cheery illustrations and a tender story about friendship are a nice complement to exploring the vastness of the earth’s bodies of water.
The Old MacDonald from your childhood gets an environmentally friendly, organic update. This Old MacDonald goes from boring backyard to a bursting-at-the-seams vegetable garden with the help of a precocious Little Red Hen.
Celebrate Earth Day by taking a fact-filled, photographic tour through each of America’s state parks. Mary Kay Carson offers trivia like how many species of hummingbirds are found in Saguaro National Park (18, if you’re wondering), and logs tales of her own adventures through the National Park system as a scientist.
Older readers don’t have to miss out on the Earth Day read-a-thon. Chapter book readers will enjoy one of Candlewick’s latest biographies packed with in-depth knowledge and illustrations to match. We lovedJohn Muir: America’s First Environmentalist, as an exploration in the roots of conservation in America. Is your young reader curious about science and evolution? Be sure to check out Lasky’s take on the life of Charles Darwin with One Beetle Too Many: The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best New Books for Kids Ages 3-8

Best New Books for Kids Ages 3-8

Want to get lost in a story with your little reader? Check out the best new books for kids ages 3-8.
Kneeling boy reading book at home
photos.cAdd to your little one’s personal library with one of these best new books for kids
A Little Bit of Oomph
By Barney Saltzberg
Ages 3 and older
Imaginations run wild with endless possibilities in this latest release from author Barney Saltzberg. What, exactly, can happen when you put your all into everything? Well, just about anything! And an open mind and passion heart can inspire the world. Playful illustrations, vibrant colors and a variety of options like flaps to lift and tabs to pull make busy little readers happy. A winner all around!
Cub’s Big World
By Sarah L. Thomson; Illustrated by Joe Cepeda
Ages 4-8
In this beautifully illustrated story, Cub, who has enjoyed the soft, warm comfort of his mother during hibernation, decides to venture out into the big world. When he can’t find Mom, he instead encounters other creatures and situations—scary ones—in an attempt to find her. In the end, they reunite and Mom vows to not turn Cub loose in the big world until he, too, is big. A sweet story to share with your little cub.
By Lola M. Schaefer; illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal
Ages 5-8
More than just a book of numbers, Lifetime is a fascinating book offering incredible insight into different animal and insect species. Putting things into perspective, facts like how many sets of antlers a caribou will grow and shed in a lifetime (10) or how many roosting holes a woodpecker will drill in its lifetime (30) make learning fascinating and fun. Wonderful illustrations accompany each fact, and in the back is an index offer further reading on each of the species mentioned. A fascinating addition to the curious reader’s library.
I’m a Frog
By Mo Willems
Ages 6-8
A most high-strung Gerald the Elephant is quite confused when his pal Piggie declares that he is now no longer a pig, but instead a frog. Gerald, unable to wrap his head around how, why and when this happened, begins to fret, afraid he too may become a frog! When Piggie reassures him that it’s all just pretend, Gerald learns to cut loose a little and try himself out as another animal. A cute story about the fun of make believe!
X Why Z
Time for Kids
Ages 3-6 years
For the questioning kid (you know the one: “Are we there yet? Why is the sky blue? How much do I weigh? How much do YOU weigh? Why do pigs oink?”), here’s your chance to knock out all of the most pressing ones in one easy read! X Why Z, from Time for Kids, is chock-full of copious amounts of answers to the most curious  of questions about the human body, history, outer space and much more. So next time your inquisitive kid asks, “Where do goosebumps come from?” or “Why to rubber ducks float?” or “Why is the Earth round?”, hand them their very own copy filled with all the answers they could ever hope for to questions they could ever think to ask!
Winter is for Snow
By Robert Neubecker
Ages 3-5
Cold. Some people love it, others don’t. Such is the case when a brother-sister duo debate the top of winter. Brother loves it! After all, it’s the season of snow! And sledding! And penguins! But Sister isn’t so fond of the damp, cold air and all of the clothes that need to be worn; frankly, she’d rather just stay inside. Until… she’s won over by the endless list of fun and games and friends that wintertime brings! An energy-filled story to celebrate the season!